Saturday, October 07, 2006

Today I shot M and D. Both are great kids. Dispite the sun getting in their eyes, I was able to pull out a few good shots of the kids. M loved the camera. She is so photogenic. Hopefully she will get into modeling someday.
Thanks for the energetic morning guys.
-This first shot of M is my new favorite. I love her expression.


Stomper Girl said...

Hi Melissa thanks for visiting and GOOD LUCK with the baby! You know what they say about childbirth - it's just one day out of your life :)

h&b said...

Thanks for visiting my blog ..

I *HAD* to check out your studios, as I found your pictures to be adorable ( and i've recently had a disappointing shoot that made me think I was better off setting my own camera on 'delay' ).

Your pics made me think otherwise.
But you're in Arizona !! argh !! ;)

Nevermind. Your talent is awesome.

Cheers !

My float said...

Wow, what beautiful photography. The shots are so natural and so happy and luminescent.

I'll be back to check on your work!

(PS. Found you through h&b)