Sunday, March 11, 2007

Today I had the pleasure of photographing these cuties. These 3 boys had lots of energy and were just so darn cute! Thanks for a great day guys, see you soon.This is my favorite image of the day. I love his expression against the red wall.

Isn't he just adorable?
This shot was for mom. She loves it when he makes this face. I hope I captured it good for you mom!

Getting a picture of the 3 of them wasn't happening, so I made a storyboard collage instead.
Look at those big beautiful eyes
This little cutie is only about a week younger than my Aiden.
I love this expression, isn't he just a doll?

I asked him if he could see my eye through the lens. He said he could :)
-Thanks again you guys. See you next week!


Tira said...

Wow, gorgeous pics Missi! I LOVE the red!

Jessica said...

These turned out really great. These boys look like a ball of fun and energy. Great job capturing so much personality.

jennifer said...

AAAAWWW!!! I love them!! GREAT pics of such HANDSOME little fellas!!! :-p

Kaitlin Parks said...

They look so good, I can not believe you captured such great shots when they were such a handful! I am very pleased with the outcome and look forward to this weekend. :) -Kaitlin