Thursday, July 05, 2007

Made a believer out of me! When we went to Downtown Disney, we stopped in the Basin store. I tried one of their shampoo bars with little expectation. Wow, I am amazed! This little puppy really works! The best part is that it's chemical free and it has conditioner built in. Great for travel. I also bought the Rock Deoderant, very cool stuff.
Just wanted to share my new finding with everyone :)

BASIN Online Store - Good Hair Day (New!)


Steven Kang said...

That is so cool Melissa.
(Scratching my head) what are you talking about now?

Mary Bess said...

Nice! I'll have to check that out! Have you ever been to a Lush store? I think you'd really like it...they have all this cool handmade soap and natural shampoo & such. When you're about a block away from the store you can start to smell all the yummy goodness! lol :)

Jason Lanier said...

I have no idea what that stuff is. Maybe that's cuzz I am a guy?

So, is this something my wife would like?