Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mother's Day Wedding

I spent my first Mother's Day second shooting a wedding with my friend Masen. I had a great time. The venue was awesome, the couple gorgeous. All in all, a great first mother's day. Here is Masen working his photo magic.

Tidbits from the boy's
Love those shoes
What a beautiful couple
Glowing bride
Their cake was fabulous

I love how the light hit her in this photo
Isn't she cute?
Dress details
More beautiful dress pics

One of the groom's daughters. She has the most amazing eyes.
---Thank you Masen for letting me shoot with you.
Also want to say Thank you to my BF for watching Aiden all day :)
Special thanks to my mom for being so supportive and loving, I love you Mom!
More pics of a family shoot I did on Saturday!


Casey Lu said...

Those pics are beautiful Mel! I love how bright the pictures are especially of the bride and her flowers. That cake is amazing!!! Love the rhinestone C!!!

Jessica said...

You really did an amazing job! I think you are a great photographer no matter what you are shooting. I love the pics of the bride and her groom.:)

Leah said...

great work Missy. I really love the 4th one

MA5EN said...

Whose that dead sexy guy with the camera in the first shot? =)

Thanks again for all the hard work. You're awesome!

Ruby said...

Beautiful work Missi as always.