Thursday, May 03, 2007

Edited.... These pictures look very orange on my monitor. They aren't. Hopefully they don't look that way on your screen. Just had to point out they look great on my one computer, but bad on the other. Thanks :)

On the Friday before we moved, my friends and I got together. We met at my dear friend Ruby's house for pictures. Then we headed to Macaroni Grill, then off to dancing. I had so much fun.

This is me and Ruby. It's funny how we met. She came into the scrapbook store I was working at and wanted a scrapbook done of her Italy trip. I did about 3 other books for her. We just clicked. She is such a special person to me. Thank you for everything Ruby! You are very special to me!
Ruby's husband Mike took these group shots. The top one is where they are sticking their tongue's out at me for moving.

This is Casey. I worked with her. SHe is a very sweet person. Aiden sure did love playing with her.

This is my dear, dear friend Brianna. What would I have done without B ? Brianna has been there for me through most everything. She is such a rock and has the best advice. I truly don't know if living in Arizona would have been the same without her. She also makes the best chocolate chip cookies! I love you B!!
This is Alana. She was the owner of the scrapbook store I worked at. They became like my second family. Thank you for always being so kind to me Alana!
This is Taira, Alana's sister. She is so funny. Taira can brighten any room and certainly make you laugh. I am going to miss you !
Everyone that I met in Arizona is special. They all contributed to my life. Without them I would not be the person I am. Living in Arizona, I learned to truly rely on myself, my husband and God. We moved there knowing no one, and I leave with wonderful friends that will always be with me. I know it may sound silly but it's true.
I have grown personally, more than I could have imagined. These people helped me do that.
I know I always talked about moving home to San Diego. I hope that everyone in Arizona truly knows that while I am home, they will always be in my heart.
Thank you for making me feel welcome in your homes and in your lives. You always have a place to stay here :)
Love to you all


Brianna said...

WOW... now that I'm sitting on my (your) couch sobbing... you have been gone for all of four days, and I feel such a void that I don't know can be filled. I know you aren't that far away, but I've felt a little lost this week knowing you aren't right here anymore... I don't even know if I realized it until right now... You are one of the best friends I've ever had and know that no amount of miles will change that! I love you and glad you are happy...

Kevin Keelan said...

I enjoyed spending time on your site and blog, especially seeing and reading about your family and friends.
My Grandfather always said to me "Show me your friends and I'll tell you what kind of person you are"

Ray Santana said...

MK looks like you guys had a blast with the shoot thats all its about Goodtimes...

Casey Lu said...

Oh Mel, we miss you tons. This week in the office has not been bad but has not been the same. IT is SO quiet and we all miss Aiden! These pictures were so fun to take, just wish I would of smiled more and not looked so tired, LOL oh well. I had SO much fun and I felt comfortable enough at dinner to be a myself a little. It really felt good and was lots of fun but sure miss you!

Jessica said...

I am glad you guys had fun, wish I would have made it. We miss you here but I am glad you are finally where you belong. It was weird not having my lunch buddy and trust me, I have needed a real lunch break. You know how things get. Hope you and Aiden can come visit real soon. We are already planning our trip to SD. Can't wait for some sand and sun. I miss you also but REALLY miss Aiden. Keep posting pics so I don't miss anything.

Leah said...

oh I love them, looks like a blast, wish I could have been there.
Ruby and her classic Ruby tounge cracks me up

Anonymous said...

Is Leah talking smack about my tongue? hahahaha

Missi I miss you so much. These turned out beautiful.