Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I don't know how many times Aiden said, "Mmmm" on Monday. He is so funny.
Despite the horrible fires here, we celebrated Aiden's birthday at my favorite restaurant Nicolosi's.
My grandparents helped celebrate with us. Aiden got to taste pizza and ice cream for the first time.
He wasn't quite sure about the candle, but he sure did like the ice cream.

Thank you to everyone that wished him a Happy Birthday. We had a great day. We will be throwing him a party next month when my mom comes to visit.

***On a sidenote, the topic for the photo challenge is Magazine Inspiration. It still isn't too late to join if you want. Send me an email at and I will send you the details.

Have a great day.


Kim said...

Way too cute! I'm so glad you guys were able to celebrate his special day in spite of everything going on! :) Can't wait to party with him next month :)

Mom, wife, scrapaholic... said...

He is such a cutie! A year sure has gone by fast! Those pictures are too cute!!! Happy Birthday Aiden!!!!!

Nataly Lemus said...

Happy, happy birthday, Aiden!

Nely said...

Happy Birthday, Aiden!

jen said...

Happy 1st birthday, Aiden!!

NiCHOLE said...

Thanx for welcoming me. I didn't get it years ago when you told me about it... and I am pretty sure you had a shocked look on your face that I didn't know people did this. Anywho, Happy Birthday to Aiden. He is seriously one Cute Kid, but I am sure you knew that already. And walking... I can't believe it! I am so glad you all are safe. I was actually worried enough to check your blog just to see if you wrote about it, and I knew it was Aiden's big #1!

MA5EN said...

I'd be saying the same thing over and over if I had that dish in front of me. :)

david & kimi baxter said... cream!