Sunday, February 04, 2007

These are my friends from San Diego. (well not all of them, but you get the point). We all were pregnant at the same time (except Heidi on the far right, she delivers babies for a living).

From left to right, Maressa, Amber, me, Roxeanne, Tira, Heidi.

Maressa just had her baby on January 17th. His name is Graham Preston. Tira is due February 17th and Amber and Rox are not far behind. I miss these girls and can't wait to move back to San Diego! Only a few more months. Aiden is going to have some amazing playmates.

Love you guys!! Can't wait to see you again!

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Kimberly said... are such a cutie! How fun to ALL be prego at the same time too! Love it! xoxo Loves,