Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Been a bad blogger lately.
Lots of stuff is going on here. I will update my blog soon.
In the meantime, I have been busy with Aiden, work, photography and Mark.
I will update soon, I promise!!!


Steve Wawruck said...

hey there blogger! it happens to all of us sometimes, its just life!
Great photography! I have been out of that hobby for a couple years now, just been busy w/school and work, but hope to get a new SLR system as soon as I get in the fleet.

Masen said...

Blogs need to be fed too ya know. =)

Steve Wawruck said...

just was randomly strolling blogs; i should try to aquire a P&S to get some photos to go along with it...but like I said, once I get out of my military training, and in the fleet, I'll have a couple thousand to get a cheap car, and a nice camera!

Leah said...

yep you have been slacking girl!