Thursday, April 19, 2007

Missing my Gizmo. When I went to San Diego a few weeks ago, my grandparents offered to keep Gizmo for us while we moved back. They even said they would keep him if we couldn't find a place that accepted pets. When Gizmo was here, he would be annoying especially around Aiden. But, he was only doing it because it had been just me and Gizmo for so long. He is my buddy. He has kept me company when Mark has been gone. I just miss the little guy. I hope that we can get him back real soon when we move. I really do love my big eared dog. I know he is getting spoiled at my grandparents house. He probably won't want to leave there because they treat he so good. We'll see. I miss ya Mr. Moo :) (0ne of the many names I have for him)

I also wanted point out that the song in my previous post is Notorious B.I.G, aka Biggie, Big Papa. Thanks to Masen for pointing that out to me.


Casey Lu said...

Awww....that is the cutest picture of a dog I have seen, he totally is looking like, LOVE ME, LOVE ME, AREN"T I CUTE?! Sorry to hear that he isn't with you.... but like you said probably getting spoiled while your moving! Going to miss you!!!!

Casey Lu said...

oh by the way you have been taged!!! Now your it! My blog tells why!