Saturday, April 21, 2007

I did a fabulous family shoot today with my friend Casey. There were so many cute pictures from this shoot that I had to only choose a few of my favs. I hope you like them Casey. Your family is beautiful! Aren't they cute?
Doesn't her hubby kind of look like Garth Brooks? I didn't really notice it until I was proofing these.
Fun shot. Casey wanted this pose.
Their pretty little girl.

What a cute family!
Family fun
Dog pile on Dad
Some more dog piling

These two haven't had a picture taken of JUST them in 10 years!!! Don't wait so long next time you guys!


Casey Lu said...

OH my GOSH!!!! Ehren was making fun of me as I am looking at these photos because I am crying!!! I love them SOOOOOOO much!!! Thank you so much!

MA5EN said...

Nice work, Mel! (I think I'm gonna call you that from now on).