Sunday, February 03, 2008


While in Arizona, I visited many eating establishments that we don't have here in San Diego. One of them being Oreganos. This place is unbelievable! I love the atmosphere and the food is awesome. Especially the Pazookie. Going for the Pazookie alone is worth it! AMAZING!!!
I put together this little collage of the pictures I took at Oreganos with Brianna. The background is a picture of our table with the menus. I used no flash, just high ISO. I used the polaroids from Pink Ink. I love that place!

I have to also mention our server. He was hilarious! When he brought out our Pazookie, he sang his own version of Happy Birthday but the tune was to Britney Spear's, Oops I did it again. I wish I could remember the words because it was so funny!
Thanks for looking. I have more Arizona photos, but I will post later.

**Mixed feelings about the Superbowl. Glad that the Patriots finally were beat. But, not happy about Eli Manning getting a ring.***

Have a great day everyone!


Ruby said...

Very creative! Glad you had a good time :) Miss ya!

Brandon Williams Photography said...

Looks like a lot of fun! The pictures are awesome!

Leah said...

cute, I love how you did it all with the polaroids and table.
I swear for some reason Steve and i cant get into that place, I have been once and Steve a handful of times. Maybe we need to try whatever it is you had. I miss you so much!

david & kimi baxter said...

stupid bowl ~ my thoughts EXACTLY!!! that couldn't of been a more hated game ever, besides the 94/95 game. ugh. i'm gonna go cry in a corner again, i didn't think i had tears left!!!!! anyway, cute pics melissa :o)

Anonymous said...

Wht do you mean your not happy about Eli getting a ring? They owned the Patriots yesterday! And Eli was the MVP! What a game. By the way, I love the picture layout. Nice shots.
Matt Koehler

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!!! I love the Oregano's pics! And especially the arrow stating 'better than...' Well you can clearly tell what our experiences have been like...

Signed, DRD