Wednesday, August 29, 2007

5,000 !!!

Hi everyone! I have reached over 5,000 hits on my blog. To celebrate, I am doing a little game.....

Here are the rules...

-Name two things about me. Let's hear some good ones! You can probably go through my older entries to find them out :)
-You have to email me the two things at
-AND, you have to leave a comment. You don't need to list the things in the comment, just say hi :)

I will be giving a prize to the 2 best entries.

So, for all you blog readers that don't leave a comment here is your chance. You can remain anonymous in your comment but I need to know who you are in your email :)
Have fun with this.
I can't wait to hear the entries.
I will be closing this tomorrow morning so get them in quick.

Have a great day everyone!


sdohana said...

congrats on 5000 melissa!!!! i think i'm 4000 of them hehe. what can i say i like to blog stalk while at work :) this is gonna be fun.

Mom, wife, scrapaholic... said...

I know a lot about you girlie! :) Fun game. Love the head shots your friend too for you! Beautiful!

Brian and Jessica said...

Hey Melissa,
We've never meet but I enjoy your blog! I don't even remember how I found it!! But I thought I'd say hi today! I'm an "up and coming" photographer... So I love looking at your pictures and getting inspired!

Steven Kang said...

congrats on you 5000 melissa.

sdohana said...

who won! who won! :O)