Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Traveling from Coast to Coast.
Last week I went to Boston to visit Mark for a few days. It was beautiful. We walking along the Freedom Trail, which takes you to some of the most historic areas in Boston. We saw Hahvahd(Harvard). What a great time! I also got to see my cousin that I haven't seen in years. I will post a pic in my next post.
Then, I hopped a flight to the Bay area for a family get together. So, I literally went from one coast of the US to the other. I had a great time in both places but I am so happy to be home!
Sorry it has taken so long to post. I finally edited some pictures from my trip.
There are a bunch.
Have a great week everyone!! :)


lorenzstudio said...

Gorgeous pics! Glad you're back home safe & sound.

sdohana said...

wow, melissa these shots came out awesome! i've always wanted to go to bawston. that golden gate shot is killer! you could sell that shot, no stuff!

NixonsMamma said...

Hey Missi! Long time no see! AWESOME PICS! Looks like you saw a lot of cool places. I've been wondering how your travels were. Let's get together soon! Suzy, you should join us! :)

Steven Kang said...

these are great shots. keep it up.