Thursday, November 08, 2007

Me and Aiden

Last week the 3 of us went to the park.
Mark got a few pictures of me and Aiden.



I get emails asking for me to be in pictures sometimes. Well, I finally am in one :)

Have a great Thursday everyone. The Office and Grey's Anatomy are on tonight. Woo hoo



Kim said...

Awwww yay! How precious!!! Mommy & Son! How fun a day at the park as a family, I'm so looking forward to times like that with Caleb! :)

Mark W. said...

Yes, I am one of the people requesting pictures of Aiden and Mommy together. Nice shots Melissa!

NixonsMamma said...

We rarely see pics of you and aiden! Love em'! It's fun to see you on the OTHER side of the camera! :) xoxo

david & kimi baxter said...

ahhh, so sweet!

Jinksee said...

These are such great photos. I am usually never happy with the photos I'm in..but these are priceless. :D

aboutimage said...

So sweet! Love the one of you lifting him :)

Ruby said...

Awww I miss you guys.