Thursday, November 01, 2007


Aiden was Spiderman for Halloween. He hated the mask on his head. But, he did make a pretty cute Spiderman.

Looking adorable!

Running to the rescue!

Great-Grandma making him laugh

I tried so hard to get a cute picture of Aiden with his mask on. He hated it and threw a HUGE fit when I wouldn't let hime take it off. Hence, the semi-blurry shot and him crying. I had to put it in here though.

I didn't dress up. Maybe next year. I hope everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween!


david & kimi baxter said...

spidey RULES!!! his costume MUCH better than mine. I regret posting my costume no one will look at me the same again :)

Leah Mullett said...

He's probably one of the cutest spidermans i've seen! ;) I love you images too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Aiden
You look so cute. Grandma loves those beatuiful blue eyes and that smile of yours melts me everytime. I hope you had fun. I love you so much.
Grandma K

Ruby said...

What a little cutie! Love the costume!

Jen Harris said...

what a cutie!!! Looks like he had fun!

rowena said...

His smile is contagious!

Jenny said...

So so cute!

Nataly Lemus said...

By far the cutest spider man I've seen! Don't let my hubby hear that, though! He dressed up as spider-man...yes, a 23 year old spider-man!