Saturday, September 01, 2007

Double Header Saturday

Today was a busy one! I started the day with a maternity session for my friends Kim and Pat. They are expecting their baby on my birthday :)
Kim is such a beautiful woman inside and out. She is so kind hearted and I can already tell she is going to be the best mommy! Pat is such a giver and is so adoring of Kim. These two are such wonderful people and their baby will never go a day wondering if he is loved.
Then later in the day I had the pleasure of helping photograph a wedding with David Baxter ( What a beautiful wedding at the San Diego Country Club. It was like the paparazzi at this event. They are sure to have some great images for sure :)
What a great day, filled with lots of fun and photography.

Sorry these are kind of out of order, I am still battling blogger with some issues.
Have a great day everyone!


Kim said...

Awww! Thanks for the sweet things you had to say about Pat & I! You're too nice! And thanks so much for the awesome pictures you took today! They came out Great!!! :) I love the shots from your wedding today as well! Wow! You were one busy girl!!!

sdohana said...

melissa!!! these rock the house! love, love, love the shot of sara in her veil! and the FLARE SHOT!!!!! YES!! did you get enough jelly to eat tonight? they're chalked full of anti oxidants! :)thanks again for coming out and shooting with us, you are a riot to work with. oh i hope you like starbucks :)

melissakoehlerphotography said...

Thanks David!
Grape jelly, I heard, is the best for anti-oxidants :)
( just kidding LOL) I had such a great time with you all! I do like Starbucks, you are very thoughtful.
Say hi to the girls for me! :)

DeAnna said...

Melissa, These are great shots! I loe the maternity shots! The lighting is perfect! The wedding shots are awesome also! Great work!

Jason Lanier said...

LOVE that third pic of the bride and the first black and white maternity photo.

rowena said...

Mellissa, your work is stunning! Loving those belly shots! Expecting moms look especially glowy don't they? Thanks also for stopping by my blog, I appreciate you!

Nataly Lemus said...

Great images!!! I love the belly shots, but then again, they are all beautiful!

Nely said...

these look fantastic, Melissa!
You had such a busy Saturday, you really needed all those anti-oxidants! :)

I had fun hanging out with you Saturday. Maybe next time, I can stand behind you and shoot 5 fps nonstop, for old times' sake! :)

april rosburg said...

awesome shots melissa! i love the ones of sara and her veil and also the maternity shots, the lighting look great! it was too fun working with you, we'll have to shoot together again sometime, i'll bring the grape charm pops :]

Anonymous said...

WOW, you do weddings also, beautiful pictures!