Sunday, September 09, 2007

San Diego, Super Chargers!

Today was the season opener for the Chargers. They faced off against the Chicago Bears. What an intense game. The first half wasn't looking so good for the Chargers. Then they pulled through after half time to win the game 14-3.
Hopefully they will have a good season with their new head coach.
Aiden had somewhat of a good time. I finally posted some new pictures on his blog
I hope everyone had a great Sunday!


sdohana said...

LOVE THIS POST!!!!!!!!LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!! he is tooooo cute melissa!

~kim sdohana

rowena said...

Awwww... cutie pie! And thanks for asking I had a great Sunday! Sorry I'm not into football (no stoning pls.) but my man Jimmy Johnson won Saturday! hehe

Ricki Ford said...

Looks like we got a new Chargers fan. My little girl who is 3 is a clemson fan and dosen't even know it yet.

Jason Lanier said...

You are starting him out young! He is going to be a die hard football fan when he gets older! Awesome!

ruby said...

Love this!