Friday, September 28, 2007

Last night my sister-in-law had a Grey's Anatomy Season Premier "get together". I had to bring my camera along :)
I did take lots more pics but I didn't get a picture of everyone there, so I didn't think it would be fair to post them without all that were attending int the picture. ( I hope that made sense)
Stacie made Pomergranite Martinis and we got food from El Portal. I also brought along cookie dough (courtesy of Brianna's recipe) and made cookies.
It was a nice time hanging out with everyone. Last season I think I watched a few episodes of Grey's. I was hooked. It seems like this season will be pretty good. I hope so.
Their kitties Xena and Roxy were also enjoying the evening.
-Tony recorded "The Office" and we watched that afterwards. I love that show. It is so funny. I just get so embarassed for Michael.
Enough about that.
Until next time.
Hugs :)


Melissa said...

Yum! Did you save me a martini??? Cool kitty shots!

sdohana said...

FACT: that drink looks mighty tasty!

trieowen said...

yeah, how's about you comin' over here and making me some?? :-)

Sarah said...

I have been stalking the wrong blog!!

I posted on your other blog that if you ever wanted to trade family pics.. that would be too cool. :)

If not, I would still love to get together with ya. :)

Tanya Perez said...

I loooove greys anatomy. The drink does look mighty tasty! Great work.

lauramkelley said...

If only I were closer. I would love to come. Those look amazing and I am totally hooked on Grey's. Even when I go to weddings it is the topic of discussion with my brides. They bring it up and then the excitement of discussion happens. I remember me and my sister in law having 90210 parties each week. This has taken the place of that.

lauramkelley said...

Cookie Dough? Oh yeah I would be IN!!!

DeAnna said...

I love Grey's! Sounds and looks like you guys had fun! Love the pictures of the kittys! Wish you liked closer! I would love to have you take our family christmas pictures!