Friday, September 28, 2007

Yesterday I had lunch with Melissa McClure and Jen Harris. Two fabulous So Cal photographers. We met on a photograpy board called Open Source Photo (OSP). Through the last few months, Melissa and I have been emailing back and forth. We shared a quick bond because, well, we are both very cool :)
Jen and Mel have been friends for a long time. Now Jen and I share a bond, our son's have the same birthday. OH, and Mel and Aiden have the same bday too :)
Jen says I am now connected to them :) I hope so! I really enjoyed talking with the ladies. Our conversation was "real". I didn't feel like anyone was "showing off" (does that make sense?)
I really hope to continue my friendship with these wonderful ladies!
I had a great time with you gals. Thanks for driving all the way from Riverside to come meet me Jen!
Here are links to their blogs (I hope these are right, if not let me know ladies)

Hugs to you both!!!

Jen, Mel and Me :)


sdohana said...

yay for networking! you guys rock :)

Melissa said...

Man remind me to put some makeup on and brush my hair next time! haha Where are the kiddie photos?? It was so great to finally meet you, you are such a sweet genuine person!

Jen Harris said...

Uh, makeup, yeah me too! Just so everyone knows...I came straight from a 4 mile run, so that's why I look so hot!! :) It was awesome to get to know you, I look forward to spending more time together!

Jason Lanier said...

It so great to meet others who have the same interests. Networking is so smart.

ruby said...

That's great! I'm jealous!

Jeanette Sanchez said...

Very cool, way to keep networking!

Anonymous said...

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