Thursday, September 27, 2007


Here are my first pics with my new 5D. I love this thing. These are pretty much SOOC. I sharpened them for web and that's about it.
I ordered this hat and matching scarf for Aiden for the winter. I figured if Courtney Cox's kid is good enough to wear them, so is Aiden :) No, I saw them on Audrey Woulard's site a while back. A lot of her clients wear them. They are actually worn by the star's kids too. I just love them.
They are called LaFolie Knits.
Aiden did not want to wear the hat. He kept trying to take it off, but I snagged a few with it on him.

I just love my new camera!


Anonymous said...

don't hate him cuz he's so incredibly goooood looooking. *zoolander voice* man my password isn't working so i have to comment annonymous. it's me...dave...dave's not here... sorry couldn't resist.
~david baxter

trieowen said...

What a great photo. It's so clear. Funny how the hat colors match your logo :-)I'm sure you're looking around at everything thinking "what else can I shoot" least that's what I do. Have fun!

Steven Kang said...

Again congrats on your 5d.
shots look great.
I tell you, any star's kids don't have anything over Aiden.

Jenny said...

Congrats on the 5D! Isn't it so much fun?

Great pictures!!

Sarah said...

So great!!

I bet you are just loving that thing!!

Orchard Cove Photography said...

Cute little one and great shots. I have a 5D and have been very happy with it overall - hope you will find the same!

Nely said...

how cute is he?! love the hat!

have fun with your new toy, melissa!

Crystal Johnson said...

I would love to find a hat like this for my son. Can I find it online?

Crystal Johnson
(a friend of Michael J's from NC)