Saturday, January 19, 2008

Christine and Todd

Today I had the pleasure of photographing Christine and Todd. Christine responded to a blog post that I had put up wanting models to help me with being more creative. We had fun today walking the streets of Hillcrest.

-We started out by this cool orange wall. The sun was hitting it just right

-I loved the shadow here

-Then we made a quick stop by a flower stand. Look at how beautiful the light is hitting them. Christine told me that she saw a satellite dish inside the little stand :)

-This shot is my favorite. I don't know why but I really love it! While we were waiting to cross the street, Christine and Todd ran into a friend of theirs. Popular people!

-Crossing the street. I love the sun here.

-I put these two shots together because I just love both of them. Look at how cute their shoes are and the expression in the other one is so great!

-We were starting to end our session and I asked them to quickly stop at this corner for a shot. A man riding a bike was telling Christine to look at the camera. You can just see him in the background. I love this shot, thanks bike guy! :)

-They said they liked to make funny faces at each other. I told them they had 10 seconds to make funny faces at me. Here is a compilation of what they did. Goofy kids :)
**I used a template from Pink Ink to make this**

Thank you guys for having fun with me today! I hope you did have a good time! Next time we need to go to one of the many restaurants you suggested :)

Have a great day everyone!


Ruby said...

How fun! My favorite image is the shadow kissing always have that creative eye!

Hybrid Photography said...

these are great Melissa! I love your new image watermarks too. :)

Nely said...

way cool stuff, Melissa! I can't believe you processed them so quickly!

Leah said...

love the shadow kiss image, love love love the legs and feet image, fun collage too!

david & kimi baxter said...

i'm mclovin your street shots! oooooooo and the big photos :P.... that's drool btw! way to go melissa!!!!

aaron and samantha said...

Great shots.

Ewww gross...David is drooling on your pictures!!!

photosbyrowell said...

I love that second image. You were shooting just right around the corner from my apartment!

Great work and keep shooting

Kimberlee West said...

Awesome! Love them!!!!

Mary Marantz said...

awesome!! i absolutely love that kissing shadow one!!


david & kimi baxter said...

aaron that drool is like the sweet sweet taste of champagne with chocolate strawberries. ok enough already sorry melissa!

Melissa Koehler said...

Ruby- Thanks darlin! I like the shadow shot too

Alyssa-thanks girl. I have been playing around with some new things. Glad you like!

Nely- thanks Nely!! I get so excited after a shoot that I have to process some that night :)

Leah-Hey girlie! THanks! I loved their shoes, I had to get some cool shots!

Aaron- Thanks so much!! I know, David is gross :)

Rowell- Hey there! Man, I wish I would have known, we could have gone for a shoot afterwards together :)

Kimberlee-Thanks chicka! When are we doing lunch? :)

Mary- Hi there! Thanks for your sweet words!

David- There are no words for you. Every comment you make, makes me laugh. Thanks for that. Now, wipe that drool off! Although strawberries sound really good now. Thanks! :)

Rachel Brooke said...

the lighting is absolutely gorgeous! I love the wall shot!

nicole green said...

the lighting on the one of them walking across the street is amazing! i love it! :)