Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A new profession for me?

So, while I was in AZ I had a photo date with my friends Ruby and Leah.
I will be posting more from that day later.
I wanted to share with you all my first celebrity photo! I have never been one that has been star struck. I saw Jerry O'Connel first yesterday, but chickened out to ask him for his photo. Thank goodness for Ruby! She isn't afraid to ask! I really wish I would have asked Mr. O'Connell to wait while I changed into my portrait lens :)

I was so excited. He was very nice! He said,"You guys don't look like Paparazzi".

After we took his picture, we saw a bunch of the NY Giants players getting into black SUV's.
That would explain the security guards and police cars around the place. DUH!!!

****** :)


Cristina said...

Nice! Sounds like you had a great time!

jen harris said...

AAAAHHH! He is such a cutie! I would have to afraid too. :)

trieowen said...

Your so cute Missi! Congrats on your first celebrity photo :-)

Ruby said...

Ha! Your post was funny. :)

T'was fun my dear! You got the best photo.

Holly McCaig said...

be still my beating heart!!! :)

Leah said...

you got such a cute one of him with that grin. I was to darn busy messing with that new back button! :)
I should have listened to you earlier and took it off back button!!

~Desiree said...

Awww! How fun!

Ginger Murray said...

How fun!! I'm glad your friend asked so you guys could get a photo!

Steven Kang said...

Hey Melissa,
Congrats on your celebrity photo.
I remember one of his old pilot show where he was able to float and he moved forward by using a hairspray can or something. Anyway, I'll be posting the part 2 of the event and I got a celeb too. hehe. old timer, but still.
You are just rocking out there, keep it up.

Natalie said...

Love it!
And your boy is so adorable!
I need to email you!